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Introducing Luna Alteration: Expert alterations for busy lives. Perfect for professionals, brides-to-be, or anyone refreshing their wardrobe.

Unwanted Wrinkles and Bunching in Coat Sleeves and Pants Legs

Are you tired of dealing with unsightly wrinkles and bunching in your coat sleeves and pants legs? Ill-fitting sleeves and legs can not only affect your overall appearance but also your comfort. Wrinkles and bunching can occur due to improper lengths or widths, leading to an unkempt and disheveled look.

At Luna Alterations, we specialize in providing top-notch coat and pants alteration services to ensure that your garments fit you perfectly and exude a polished and tailored look. Our skilled team of experienced tailors and seamstresses is dedicated to delivering precise alterations that cater to your unique body shape and style preferences. Whether it's a formal coat or a pair of pants that need adjustments, we are committed to enhancing the overall fit and comfort of your clothing.


Our comprehensive pant alteration services include hemming for the perfect length, waist adjustments for an ideal fit, tapering or widening of pant legs to match your desired silhouette, rise modifications for enhanced comfort and style, and even the addition or modification of pockets for both functionality and aesthetics.


Our expert coat alteration services encompass a range of adjustments, including taking in or letting out the sides for an improved fit, shortening or lengthening sleeves to achieve optimal sleeve length, fine-tuning shoulder width for comfort, reshaping collars and lapels for a sophisticated appearance, and hemming the coat's length to harmonize with your proportions seamlessly.


What Our Clients Say!

"I'm incredibly grateful for Luna's alteration expertise. They tackled the issues with my pants and coat flawlessly. The pants were too long, but they tailored them to the perfect length, and my once-boxy coat now fits elegantly, accentuating my figure. Their attention to detail and problem-solving approach are truly impressive. I'm now confident and comfortable in my revamped wardrobe staples. Thank you!"
Lauren K.

From Ill-Fitting Elegance to Seamlessly Tailored Perfection: Revitalize Your Ball Gown's Charm.

Imagine you've been working diligently on your fitness goals, and just before the grand ball, you find that your beloved gown hangs loosely due to your impressive weight loss. Panicked, you fear there's no time to find a new gown that captures the same enchantment.

At our alteration studio, we specialize in rapid resizing for those who've experienced significant weight loss. Our artisans skillfully take in the gown's silhouette, adjusting every seam and detail to ensure it hugs your body in all the right places. With our efficient turnaround, you can confidently wear your gown and make a lasting impression while showcasing your remarkable transformation.

Whether it's a gown that needs minor adjustments or a complete overhaul due to weight loss, our team has the expertise to transform your gown so that it reflects your journey and your beauty, while also ensuring that you are the star of the evening. With our dedicated service, you can entrust us with your gown and be assured that it will be altered with the same care and passion that went into its creation, allowing you to dance the night away in a gown that fits you perfectly.

Ball gown dress alterations encompass hemming for length adjustment, taking in or letting out for personalized width, bodice modifications including neckline and straps, creating bustles for trains, reshaping the silhouette, embellishment adjustments, lining and undergarment refinements, shoulder and strap changes, sleeve alterations, layer addition or removal, corset back conversions, and even complete gown reconstruction for unique transformations.

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What Our Clients Say!

"I'm absolutely delighted to share my wonderful experience with Luna's ball gown alteration service. My cherished gown had intricate beading that needed adjustment and a bodice that was too loose. Luna tackled these challenges with finesse – the beading was meticulously reworked, and the bodice was expertly tailored to fit me like a glove. The team's attention to preserving the gown's original beauty while solving my fitting issues was truly remarkable. Thanks to them, I felt like a queen at the event, with a gown that not only looked stunning but also felt comfortable. I'm immensely grateful for their skillful craftsmanship and personalized service."
Sarah T.

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Tired of Awkward Jeans? Experience the Transformation of Perfect Fitting Denim!

Are your favorite pair of jeans just a tad too long, or have your changing measurements left your jeans feeling loose around the waist? Look no further than our premier jeans alteration service, specializing in length adjustments and waist refitting with a stylish tapering twist. We understand the common struggles faced by individuals who find themselves with jeans that don't fit as perfectly as they once did. Ill-fitting jeans can lead to discomfort, a lack of confidence, and unnecessary wastage.

Our solution is simple yet transformative: we expertly tailor the length of your jeans to suit your height while ensuring the waist is snugly refitted and artfully tapered for a sleek, modern look. Say goodbye to the frustration of poorly fitting jeans and embrace the comfort and confidence that comes with a personalized fit. With our alterations, you'll extend the life of your favorite denim and contribute to a more sustainable fashion cycle. Experience the joy of jeans that feel like they were custom-made for you – because at Luna Alterations, the perfect fit is just a stitch away.


What Our Clients Say!

"Finding jeans that fit my proportions seemed impossible until I discovered Luna Alteration. Their alterations solved my length and waist issues, making my jeans feel like they were custom-made for me. I'm thrilled with the results – a big shoutout to Luna Alterations!"
Mark R.

Transforming Bridal Dress Alterations: Overcoming Hurdles with Enhanced Processes

In the current bridal market, finding the ideal wedding dress that fits perfectly off the rack is a challenge many brides-to-be face. Bridal gowns often come in standard sizes that might not match every individual's body shape and size. This can lead to frustration, disappointment, and compromise on the bride's vision for her special day. Ill-fitting dresses can result in discomfort, alterations costing more than expected, and even a compromised aesthetic appeal on the wedding day.

At Luna's Alteration, we offer tailored bridal dress alteration services to address the challenges of finding the perfect fit. Our skilled seamstresses ensure a customized fit that flatters each bride's unique body shape. We also provide personalized design adjustments, enhancing the dress to match the bride's vision. Our efficient services guarantee a quick turnaround, ensuring the dress is ready well ahead of the wedding. In a market where finding the right fit is a challenge, we empower brides to confidently walk down the aisle in a gown that combines their style with impeccable fit. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes every bride's dream a reality.


What Our Clients Say!

"The fear of walking down the aisle in a dress that didn't fit right was real for me. Then came Luna Alterations's, turning my apprehensions into pure joy. Their alterations not only crafted a perfect silhouette but also added unique touches that resonated with my style. The comfort I experienced was beyond expectations. Their commitment to their craft and my happiness made my wedding day unforgettable." Jessica k.

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Where Every Thread Weaves a Tale of Personalized Style

Need prompt clothing repairs or alterations? Have a special occasion in a few days and must have that outfit ready? Worry not! Our team of professionals excels in tailoring, mending, and clothing repairs, ensuring fast and impeccable service. With our 24-hour turnaround time, we’ll work our magic in record time!

Your clothes should be an expression of your true self, elevating your style and confidence. Our team of skilled tailors possesses the artistry to transform any garment to complement your individual body shape and size. From minor adjustments to complete makeovers, we tailor each piece to perfection, ensuring you step out with grace and embrace the beauty of a custom-made appearance.

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